The Key to World Peace: Love and Compassion

“There cannot be peace in the world when people have anger and hatred in their hearts. Only with love and compassion in the heart is world peace attainable.”

— S. N. Goenka

Almost thirteen years ago, S. N. Goenka—the principal teacher of the highly beneficial and nonsectarian Vipassana Meditationaddressed the United Nations Peace Summit in New York, focusing on “the themes of religious harmony, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.”

Today, battered by the contagious sectarian conflict in Syria, escalating religious violence in Indonesia, and the widening unrest in Myanmar, the world could once again benefit from his words of wisdom.

A perfect counterbalance to your morbid morning news, Goenka’s fourteen-minute speech is guaranteed to start your week off with positive thoughts:

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Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam.
May all beings be happy.


Trimming the Fat

ME 401 QuickJob

In an excellent article in The Jakarta Post, Mario Masaya cited Peter B. Evans1, stressing the importance of reducing resources allocated to bureaucracy, because he considered bureaucratic apparatuses to be predatory. As an alien living in Belgium, I have experienced first-hand what he meant.

Even in a developed country such as Belgium, government bodies are far from ideal. While they function as intended, delays and blunders resulting from unnecessary bureaucracy often lead to frustration and other—dire—consequences. Continue reading