Daniel Budiarto

“Sairyou” 【kanji: 才量】【rōmaji: さいりょう】 means wisdom and magnanimity; witty intelligence and large-mindedness.1

“Me” 【kanji: 目】【rōmaji: め】 means eye; insight; experience.2

Before you accuse me of being an egomaniac: it’s not about me; it’s about you, me, all of us. Only by sharing each other’s experiences can we attain collective wisdom far greater than any one of us could ever possess.

Books and the internet are full of random bits of wisdom handed to us by the world’s greatest minds. Reading them, however, is only the first step. To attain wisdom, we must transform this randomness—borrowing words from BuddhaNet—”from simple intellectual facts to real personal facts.” We must change this knowledge “from mere book-learning to real living experience.”

Sairyou.me is an attempt at doing just that; to take random bits from the cloud, to understand them through the eyes of this Buddhist left-libertarian writer, and to send them back into the cloud—in a continuous circle.

But equally, if not more, important are your insight and experience. This is why I delve into blogs—including yours—and refer to them where appropriate. This is why your comments are most appreciated. There’s a “you” and a “me” in this blog’s name.

When we talk about a story, the author and the reader have equal rights to access that text. You don’t have to admire me as an author. We are equal. It’s a very democratic world, the world of narrative.

— Haruki Murakami

I sincerely hope we can benefit from each other’s experiences.

Questions? Suggestions? Send away. Please adhere to The Email Charter if and when you do.

If not blogging here, you can find me managing and editing BOM Cerpen3 or writing a monthly column for OZIP Magazine4.

1. Source: tanoshiijapanese.com.
2. Source: jisho.org.
3. An online literary magazine which publishes short stories written by aspiring Indonesian writers.
4. The leading Australian-Indonesian magazine.

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Forgive me if this seems trite, but I nominated you for a shameless (though not shameful) self-promoting “Beautiful Blogger” award. Please accept it as a compliment, as I really do appreciate your blog. As for how you respond, you can keep passing it along (and accomplish world peace, or something like that) or just sleep easier tonight knowing that someone values your work.

    Should you decide to pass it along, find out how here:

  2. Virginia Woolf! That’s what my reading list is missing. I love Haruki Murakami and 1984, my first dystopian read, is one of my all time favorite books.

    You have a gorgeous (and well-written) blog here and I look forward to seeing more of it!

    • Oh but Virginia Woolf is such a beautiful read! So far I enjoy everything she’s written, but I’ve only read some short stories (“Mark on the Wall” and others in “Monday or Tuesday”), novels (“Mrs. Dalloway” and a bit “To the Lighthouse”) and some essays (I recommend “Modern Fiction” if you haven’t read it already) and her only voice recording (Words: Craftsmanship, which you can listen to here.

      Most enlightening.

      1Q84 is actually the only novel of Murakami’s I haven’t read past chapter one. My reading list only gets bigger.

      Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words!

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