Blog shout-out:

Just when I started to feel discouraged, The Parasite Guy posted this lovely shout-out as a reminder to keep blogging. Be sure to check out his blog!

The parasite guy

Shout-out time again!  For this post, I though I’d look at one of the first WordPress blogs I ever came across:, a blog run by Daniel Budiarto.  Daniel’s purpose behind this blog, in his own words, can be explained as follows:

Books and the internet are full of random bits of wisdom handed to us by the world’s greatest minds. Reading them, however, is only the first step. To attain wisdom, we must transform this randomness—borrowing words from BuddhaNet—”from simple intellectual facts to real personal facts.” We must change this knowledge “from mere book-learning to real living experience.” is an attempt at doing just that; to take random bits from the cloud, to understand them through the eyes of this Buddhist left-libertarian writer, and to send them back into the cloud—in a continuous circle.

But equally, if not more, important are your insight and experience. This is why I…

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