Update: ‘About’ Page, New Design

Instead of writing, I’ve spent the weekend:

  1. Changing my domain;
  2. Rewriting my “About” page to include the philosophy behind my blog—and my domain;
  3. Implementing a new design, which involved CSS editing, uploading new images, new fonts, etc.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.


Yes, Neil. I know. Right away.


2 thoughts on “Update: ‘About’ Page, New Design

  1. As you asked, I will give you some feedback on your about page, design, and other. I really like your content, but it is hard to navigate. Could you put your categories on the right at the top? You have a really clean site; it doesn’t have too much info that overwhelms me. However, it only has Home and About. I had to scroll around a lot to find all your content. You could make that easier to find. Clean is good, but sterile is cold. Next, is your whole point for blogging. This is hard to find. Do you feel angry, full of peaceful Nirvana, sleepy, inquisitive, etc.? I am trying to picture you, but I keep coming up with a black and white photo of a male with a pencil and pad looking into the sunset. I only see the back of your head in my mind. However, you do have nicely coiffed curls blowing gently in the salty breeze, and the lapels from your navy pea coat sort of add a bit of Beetles mystery to your persona. Great images and fonts. This point I would not change. By the way, who the heck is Neil? (captions do help those of us who are culturally derelict). Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading as I do agree with Neil Gaiman. Nice weblog!

    • Wow. Thanks for the honest and detailed feedback. I really appreciate it. By “Neil” I mean Neil Gaiman, of course, who says in the meme, “You should be writing.”

      Unfortunately, it’s not possible to move widgets around—which I would have to do to move the categories to the top of the page—because of the limitations of this theme. Besides, WordPress.com doesn’t allow HTML editing, which severely limits our ability to customize themes. Many of the other themes are too busy for me, so I’ve chosen this one. If there was a sidebar it would be perfect. Anyway, I’ve changed the layout a bit. I hope it helps the navigation a bit.

      About my “whole point of blogging,” I’m afraid I’m still finding out myself. A lot of blogging “experts” say that you have to define a niche for your blog, but I don’t know if I can agree. A blog is supposed to be a representation of your thoughts; do you think only about writing? Politics? Art? Photography? Books? Humor? I don’t want to be confined to one specific domain, so instead I’ve decided to write about anything I want; share whatever wisdom I can find scouring the internet and digging into books, and invite others to share theirs too. If that makes me less definable and therefore leads to less traffic, so be it. I don’t write for traffic.

      I know it isn’t what you meant, though. Maybe you meant that my writing doesn’t show enough of my personal views—this is correct. Maybe I should write more “I”, less quotes from others with occasional commentary. I don’t know. I think I’ll just let it evolve with time.

      Again, thanks a lot for taking the time to write. I really value your opinion.

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