When a Writer Calls Out for Help..

Help Wanted

Okay. So I need help. Not professional help for my mental health—although if this continues I suspect I may need some, after all—but in my writing. (Note: By “this” I mean “life”)

I don’t really have a writer’s block. What I have— nay, what I am, is rusty.Like my iron ashtray, left outside on the roofless balcony during the harsh winter months, I need to rekindle the fire—even if it’s with searing cigarette butts. Because the latter seems to be what my ideas are made of lately—dark ashes clouding my mind, clogging the blood vessels where creativity is supposed to flow, unhindered.

You see, the paragraph above is supposed to show just what kind of writing I’m capable of creating at this moment. I haven’t written anything for longer than I’d like to admit and, if I don’t start to write soon, I’m afraid I can no longer claim to be a member of the exclusive club currently amassing members worldwide at a frightening rate: The Writers Club.

Just now I had an idea. Instead of rummaging through the ashes to see what I can find, I’ve decided to let you, the readers of my blog, to unclog me. Give me a short sentence, which I will use as the opening sentence of my next short story. It can be anything, as long as it’s not inappropriate or abusive.

In return, I will give you this: my promise, my commitment, that I will write a story dedicated to you, which I will finish by the end of next week. I figured if I could get at least one prompt from one of you, that should give me just enough fuel to burn.

This way I, you, we, will force me to write and put aside all excuses. And at the same time, you can let me know what it is you’d like to read.

So please help a (fellow) writer. Because nothing is as vicious and hazardous as a writer out of work.

Image by andjohan, used under a Creative Commons license.


13 thoughts on “When a Writer Calls Out for Help..

  1. I somewhat doubt that this is the sort of thing you’re looking for, but here goes nothing:

    Ernak marched through the candle-lit corridor, his wings folded tight behind him, his pet human following obediently by his side.

  2. This is such a “God-incident” (as I like to call them). Just today I consulted a friend I used to write with who helped me get unstuck from a nasty case of writer’s block (check out my recent post). I don’t have a particular sentence for you, but maybe in reading about my struggle and recent liberation, you might gain some clarity.

    If you would like to receive regular writing prompts, I recommend you check out http://www.todaysauthor.wordpress.com and click on their “Write Now Prompts” in the upper left-hand corner. I’ve gotten a good bit of mileage out of some of these.

    By the way, thanks again for your help with the Indonesian language in my recent story. I hope to correct it tonight or tomorrow.

    • Thanks for checking in and the useful tip! I know there are sites abound with great prompts, but none of them will feel as personal as one submitted by my own readers. My friends once exchanged sentences and much like this exercise, we used them as the first sentences to our short stories. I loved the exercise, the interaction, the feedback, and the stories that came out of it. This is what I’m trying to recreate here. 🙂

      • Sounds like a great idea. Here’s one for you…

        When Thomas got the phone call, he was busy ironing his handkerchiefs….

      • Wow I can’t say how timely your prompt came. I think I’m in a situation where I can relate to Thomas and really pour a bit of myself into him as well. Immediately after reading it I can imagine him, his house, the phone call.. I hope it turns out well. Thanks Indy. 🙂

  3. That’s a genius idea for overcoming the Writer’s Rustiness! Sink your teeth into this; “It was the Month of Blooding – not a time for doubts, though they plagued Kavash regardless.” No need to dedicate anything to me, I merely wish to help 🙂

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