Chronicle of My Mother: Movie Review

chronicle of my mother

Koji Yakusho and Kiki Kirin

On the plane from Indonesia back to Belgium, I watched “Chronicle of My Mother”. What an incredible movie. Guaranteed smiles and tears throughout, this movie captures the Japanese family values of the 60’s, values that, in the filmmaker’s opinion, might now be lost.

Masato Harada masterfully takes you to witness Japanese filial piety intimately, in an era where Western influence gained grounds, but where tradition was still held high. If you’re a fan of Ozu, odds are you’ll like this movie.

But most of all, I loved and enjoyed this movie because of the motherly love — heartwarming, sad, and intense, brought so convincingly by Kiki Kirin. After an hour and a half, if you’re not teary-eyed, you may want to have yourself checked, for you could be a stone gargoyle. Filled with wisdom, respect and peace, love for the Japanese landscape, and tremendous acting by the lead actors, this movie is a must-see. You’re sure to feel a warm tingling that will linger for a while.


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